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Caught in the Act

2009 cert 15, running time 105 minutes

Director: Matt Lipsey

'The curtain?s coming down on this town'. Set in the beautiful Welsh valleys, a corrupt Parish council have used an award of EU funds earmarked for cultural development in the town, to fund a host of illicit activities ? a swimming pool, 45 crates of champagne, several visits to Amsterdam?s red light district etc.

Starring Steve Speirs, Freddie Jones, Juliet Aubrey, Ralph Brown & Maureen Lipman


WHEN a corrupt Welsh Parish council are awarded a EU grant, rather than financing the cultural development of their town, they decide instead to embezzle the money to pay for their decadent lifestyles. But when the EU Cultural Commissioner pays a visit, the group must accept the impossible task of producing a Shakespearean play for the most important festival in the EU cultural calendar. We're introduced to the corrupt councillors of ex-mining town Pontycelwyddau as they boozily celebrate five years of getting away with embezzling EU money. Flawed anti-hero Jenkins (Speirs) is having an affair with council secretary Marlene (Aubrey) while his mousy girlfriend Gina (Evans) is desperate for a baby and worried that her ex-boyfriend Alan(Lewis Jones) is drinking too much following the break-up of his marriage. And there's a geeky young man (Weldon) who secretly yearns for Mandy (Barrand) who, being beautiful, is, of course, also stupid. Into this pack of corruption steps EU cultural commissioner Joep Schut (Withnail And I's Ralph Brown) whose name is pronounced 'shit'. The first third of the film is spent with the gang going to increasingly ludicrous lengths to prevent him discovering the truth. Meanwhile, a nefarious German corporation have plans to concrete over the town, represented locally by traitorous Michael (Virgo) and, from head office, by Judith Herbst (Maureen Lipman). The denouement is a 20 minute belly aching performance of Macbeth in front of an assembled EU audience in Brussels ... with a feel of a Brian Rix farce mixed with lewd edges of 21st century humour. Thoroughly recommended. NMO

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Extras: The making of 'Caught in the Act' / Trailer Special bonus short films: BITCH directed by Dom Bridges GOODBYE TO THE NORMAL'S directed by Jim Field Smith

Caught in the Act






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