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2008 cert 15, running time 93 minutes

Director: Toni Harman

To survive evil, first you must believe it exists. Dare to believe.

Starring MyAnna Buring, Clayton Watson, and Nathalie Pownall, Rhea Bailey, and Mark Joseph Director's statement The story of Credo began when Alex Wakeford (Writer, DoP & Producer) and I decided to make a low-budget feature film. We thought if we made a genre film for a low enough budget with high production value, then we stood a chance of selling the film and paying back our investors which would help get our next feature off the ground. We loved horror films, particularly films like the original The Haunting and early Polanski films, where the ?monster? is unseen, where it's all done through sound and by creating a tension-filled claustrophobic atmosphere. There was also the practical consideration that if we didn't show the ?monster?, that'll help keep our costs down! We looked at our assets. We didn't have much money (we had a small amount of cash equity) but we had a good relationship with a property management company that allowed us access to some amazing properties in central London that were about to be renovated in three months time. So we had the money, we had the locations, we had a time-frame in that we needed to be finished shooting in these amazing locations in three months time, now all we needed was a script! We came up with the germ of an idea about five kids trapped in an abandoned building in central London (tick those horror boxes!) then Alex came up with a great twist concept, and that was it. We were away. In about six energy-charged weeks, Alex wrote the script, we found a fantastic crew, we managed to attach some amazing cast and then negotiated a great deal with a facility company for us to shoot and post on HD. We kept to our shoot dates and we achieved the seemingly impossible in that we did make it out before building work began (in one of our locations, surveyors in hard-hats were on-set writing on walls in-between takes!) And the end result is Credo. Toni Harman, Director & Producer of Credo

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DVD available in 25 May 2009







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