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Weak at Denise

2000 cert 15, running time 86 minutes

Director: Julian Nott

An off-beat comedy British feature film.

Starring Bill Thomas, Chrissie Cotterill, Craig Fairbrass and Edna Doré.


"Great debut British film with cool extras.....Made on a small budget and all the better for it, "Weak at Denise" is one of those Brit flicks that you will either love or hate....Colin played brilliantly by (Bill) Thomas......Let's hope we can look forward to more of the same...?" 4 stars DVD Review "Somehow this film exceeds all expectations. From a director who's bread and butter is writing classical music, this dark, suburban tales provides over an hour of pure enjoyment." Sky Box Office "If you can endure the punning title, you'll like the film. The dialogue is eminently quotable and the characters are pleasantly skewed versions of stalwart Brit-flick cliches; Nott's humour is wicked, off-beat and downright vile.?" FilmFour.Com

DVD info

Format: DVD PAL Region 0 DVD includes: Cinema Trailer Director's Cannes Film Festival video diary Gallery of Stills, accompanied by the "Weak at Denise" song Interview with Craig Fairbrass Deleted scenes Text: reviews and biographies

Weak at Denise


More details: Weak at Denise website.



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