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White Angel

1993 cert 18, running time 96 minutes

Director: Chris Jones

WHITE ANGEL, serial killer thriller starring classic British actor Peter Firth as the terrifyingly mild mannered murderer of the title. The filmmakers are the authors of THE GUERILLA FILM MAKERS HANDBOOK and are very well known in the film world. The makers of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, for example, made their film after reading the book.

Starring Peter Firth.


?The most convincing portrayal of a serial killer ever put on film...? Brian Masters (author of Dennis Nilsen?s and Jeffrey Dahmner?s biographies) ?Mesmerisingly good and a triumph of British independent production? LFF ?Extraordinarily well made...White Angel has an indefinable haunting quality...grotesquely compelling? Starburst ?Unpretentiously gripping and solidly commercial? Film Review ?Terrifying? Mariella Frostrup ?Chillingly scarily sinister it makes psycho look like an old Ealing comedy? NME ?Stylish, slick and very, very frightening? Select ?Unashamedly entertaining? VOX

DVD info

The DVD of the film will be released on 8 June 2006 as a 2 disk set with Urban Ghost Story. Format: DVD PAL Region 0

White Angel





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