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2005 cert 15, running time 90 minutes

Director: Juliet McKoen

Set in the stark beauty of Morecambe Bay, north west England, Frozen is a story about unresolved loss and the inherent danger of hope turning into obsession.

Starring Shirley Henderson, Roshan Seth, Ger Ryan, Ralf Little, Jamie Sives, Richard Armitage, Sean Harris, Shireen Shah, Rebecca Palmer and Lyndsey Marshal.


"The Best British film in years is FROZEN directed by Juliet McKoen starring Shirley Henderson as a woman whose sister has disappeared." Ken Russell THE INDEPENDENT "Frozen is a real delight, a film that will take you by surprise with its understated strength. And it's one that will stay with you long after its chilling ending." 4 stars Film Review "ghostly's Henderson's blend of naivety and resolve that winds the film towards its tense, twisting finale." 4 stars DVD Review "Part drama, part arty thriller, Frozen fuses the day-to-day reality of a Ken Loach movie with the surreal menace of a David Lynch nightmare. Henderson is magnificent". 4 stars Glasgow Daily Record "great British cast..hauntingly shot film with good use of the Lancashire coast with its expanses of treacherous quicksand's? compelling power to keep us watching " 4 starsBirmingham Sunday Mercury "Frozen is the most enthralling and intelligent British feature debut since Lynne Ramsay's Ratcatcher (1999). An intriguing study of unresolved grief, Frozen is serious, mannered, rich in theme, achingly beautiful, with nuanced performances and a strong sense of place. In other words, the film's director-co-writer Juliet McKoen may be a newcomer, but she arrives with a talent that is already fully formed." Channel 4 Full review ?For those of us in professional despair about the future of British cinema, there was precious little to gripe about. Juliet McKoen?s ghost story, Frozen, is a brave choice. It gives Shirley Henderson, so often the viola player in a string quartet, the chance to show how haunting she can be as a lead. In McKoen?s subtle hands Frozen becomes a poem about the limbo of not-knowing; of not being able to grieve for a loved one who keeps calling in dreams; and how this appalling ache reshapes the place where you live and the people you grow up with. It is also an exceedingly topical film about how horror is becalmed." The Times "Powerful...disturbing...heartrending." The Metro "...a cracking debut, with a shoal of red herrings that keep us guessing to the last." Newcastle Sunday Sun "Laden with promise and thick with atmosphere." Sight and Sound "In McKoen's subtle hands Frozen becomes a poem about the limbo of not-knowing; of not being able to grieve for a loved one who keeps calling in dreams; and how this appalling ache reshapes the place where you live and the people you grow up with." The Times "An eerie atmosphere and a stunning performance from Shirley Henderson as childishly seductive Kath - not to mention a killer ending." Empire "An almost unclassifiable mixture of mystery yarn, supernatural story and character study, Frozen has an ambition and originality that has become all too rare in British cinema." Scotland on Sunday "A surreal and evocative tale? Shirley Henderson's acting is excellent. From childlike to erotic, from sad to simply fucked up, she has a ageless quality about her." Plume Noir ?A thoughtful, beautiful film that puts Shirley Henderson?s capability as a female lead beyond question.? Gareth McLean, Guardian Weekend Magazine ?Henderson is such an engaging and gifted actress that we can't take our eyes off her. Meanwhile, McKoen captures it with a real eye for beauty ? each frame looks like a work of art, using the coastline as another character in the story. As the mystery deepens, McKoen draws us in, revealing the characters slowly enough that we never get ahead of Kath in her quest and adding an ethereal parallel layer in Kath's fantasies." Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall ?This well crafted film sees the first true lead role for this excellent, versatile and omnipresent Scottish actress. McKoen makes much photographically of the grim mud flats and decaying industry of this north-western corner.? DVD of the week. Time Out London ?Henderson's performance is childlike and her seeming innocence increases our fears for her wellbeing. In contrast, Roshan Seth is the very essence of stillness and maturity in what is an excellent performance. McKoen shows a skill for finding the heart of a place, for pinpointing the mood and it is a beautifully stark film. Recommended.? Alex Crawford, BBC


Best Actress Award - Shirley Henderson BAFTA Scotland 2005 Best Actress Award - Shirley Henderson Marrakech Film Festival 2005 The BBC Audience Award for Best Feature Film Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester, U.K. Winner - Kodak Best Cinematography Award Slamdance 2005, U.S.A. Audience Award - Runner-up Slamdance 2005, U.S.A. Special Grand Jury Mention Creteil Film Festival, France Silver REMI Award WorldFest, Houston, U.S.A. Special Jury Mention Britspotting, Berlin, Germany Best Feature Film Dubrovnik Film Festival Best Cinematography Dubrovnik Film Festival Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actress - Runner-up - Shirley Henderson - Seattle Film Festival

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Release Date: 7 August 2006 Format: DVD PAL Region 0 Genre: Feature Film Colour: Colour Certificate: 15 Screen Ratio: (16:9) Animated: No Sound:, Stereo Language: English Subtitle: English


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5th February 2007 - Flicks, Deal



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