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2004 cert 15, running time 90 minutes

Director: Eleanor Yule

An atmospheric psychological thriller, ?BLINDED? explores the dark side of sexual desire in a story that reveals how hard it is for us to see the truth when the facts are right in front of our very eyes?

Starring Peter Mullan, Jodhi May, Anders W Berthelsen, Samantha Bond and Phyllida Law.


"With it's isolated, timeless setting, stylistic elegance and narrative urgency, Eleanor Yule's impressively intense and stunningly shot Scottish-set drama recalls both Roman Polanski's claustrophobic thrillers and Ingmar Bergman's bleak portraits of relationship disintegration. Peter Mullen is typically strong as an embittered blind man who rules his timid young wife and devoted mother with an iron rod - until an outsider upends all their cloistered certainties." 4 stars Hannah McGill, THE HERALD "In Blinded, Scottish director Eleanor Yule uses Peter Mullan's ferocious screen presence to her advantage by letting the aura of discomfort he creates bleed into every scene of her impressive debut effort...Yule creates a wonderfully gothic atmosphere here and tight scripting and a strong cast ensure that the film never falters as it works towards it's dark conclusion." 4 stars THE SCOTSMAN "Performance of the week. Johdi May is impressive in Blinded. This underrated British actress finally gets a chance to show her true talent." SUNDAY TIMES "A Gothic tale brewed with Zola-style realism and brought to life by a strong cast that sustains a heightened level of simmering emotions." VARIETY "Blinded has audiences glued to their seats? The Scottish Sun?a cess-pit of lust murder and betrayal!" DAILY EXPRESS "One of the cutting-edge movies of the moment" THE SUN

DVD info

DVD release date: 12 June 2006 Extras: Directors commentary Format: DVD PAL Region 0 No. Of Discs: 1 Language: English




More details: Blinded website.



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