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Red Monarch

1983, cert 15, running time 101 minutes

Director: Jack Gold

A humorous look at Stalin, dictator and family man.

Screenplay By Charles Wood from the short stories of Yuri Korotkov .

Starring Colin Blakley, David Suchet. David Threlfall, David Kelly, Brian Glover and Carroll Baker.


“funny & exhuberant”
Sunday Telegraph

“hilarious visual gags which speak louder than words”
Daily Express

“a knockabout comedy not unlike Mel Brook’s SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER“
Daily Mail

DVD info

Release date June 2011

Contains one scene of moderate sex and infrequent sex references.

Supplied: DVD+R Double Layer (DVD-9)

Film: Red Monarch
Duration: 100 mins 32 secs
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Bonus Material: 'Sign Language' short film – Director Oscar Sharp
Duration: 4 mins 58 secs
Aspect Ratio: 16:9FHA

Menus (All 4:3 Aspect Ratio):
Main Menu (Static)
Bonus Features Menu (Static)
Scene Selection (Chapter 1 - 6) (Static) Scene Selection (Chapter 7 - 12) (Static)

All audio as Dolby Digital 2.0 (AC-3 2 channel)

Red Monarch




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