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Out On A Limb

2004, cert 15, running time 98 minutes

Director: Robert Heath

What do you get if you take one television chef, past his sell by date, add two armed robbers, stir in the police and simmer for three days?

The answer is Out on a Limb, a black comedy served with a dressing of sexual tension and confusion written by Bob McCabe and Rob Churchill, directed by Rob Heath and produced by Joy Mellins and Dave Shanks for Theta Films.

Winner - Best Actress 2005, Cherbourg Film Festival

Winner - Best Comedy 2004, Wine Country Film Festival

Starring Henry Goodman, Julianne White, Neil Stuke and Costa Milton.


"Genuinely amusing and well written comedy."

"Yes, it's farcical but the success of the comedy lies more with its savvy social satire. Screenwriters Churchill and McCabe obviously know the lie of the media land very well, and revel in the caricatures that inhabit that world. This makes it far more intelligent and biting than the premise would suggest. Add to that the general hideousness of the main characters, which enables the viewer to eschew any time-consuming notions of sympathy, and the result is a relaxed and involving viewing."
4 stars
Adrienne Curtis - FILM REVIEW

DVD info

DVD release date: 24 July 2006

Format: DVD PAL Region 0

Extras: Making of documentary Short film Cereal Killer Sales Notes: Henry
Goodman is considered in the Top 10 box office draws in the theatre. This
DVD should appeal to his fans. It is the first feature film that he has
starred in.

Genre: Feature Film
Colour: Colour
Certificate: 15

TV System: PAL
Screen Ratio: (16:9)

Sound:, Stereo
Language: English

Out On A Limb

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