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Dylan Thomas: Return Journey

1990, cert 12, running time 60 minutes

Director: Anthony Hopkins

Towards the end of his life Thomas toured the USA, performing his works before sell out audiences at colleges and universities.

Dylan Thomas: Return Journey is Anthony Hopkins' interpretation of those legendary lectures starring Bob Kingdom.

Starring Bob Kingdom.


"A thrilling lyrical journey ... A gripping and satisfying experience with Dylan Thomas. Well not actually the man himself - but you would not know it."
The Manchester Guardian, UK

"Dylan Thomas: Return Journey is a feast for the soul... an incredible joy that nourishes the heart and the mind. It is the kind of rare treasure that one would have to grab up when fleeing a burning house."
Richard G. Beyer, Alabama State Poetry Society

"For any lover of both the theatrical and poetic mediums Return Journey is a joy to behold and serves as the most fitting testament to and celebration of Dylan Thomas who, while haunted by demons, is so rightly celebrated for his creative genius."
5 stars
EyeforFilm - Read review

DVD info

DVD release date: 10 July 2006

Extras: 1. An introduction to Dylan Thomas by Sir Anthony Hopkins. 2. An
introduction to the DVD by Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Genre: Special Interest
Colour: Colour
Certificate: E

TV System: PAL
Region: 0
Screen Ratio: (4:3)
Animated: No
Sound:, Stereo
Language: English

Dylan Thomas: Return Journey

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More details: Dylan Thomas: Return Journey website.



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